Hyuuga Nejiko (weighted_wings) wrote,
Hyuuga Nejiko


[Hiashiko-sama only]


Tsurude-sama has decided that I have gained back sufficient mass to be released from the hospital. While I am not permitted back on active duty, I am allowed some light exercise as long as I am supervised so I do not push myself too hard too soon. I am bringing back a copy of his list of benchmarks I am to meet before he will permit my reinstatement. Included with the list are medical instructions (allowed diet, allowed exercise, mandated schedule) I am to continue to follow until he decides otherwise.


[Leigh, Gaia, Yuugao, Hinaji and Hanabi, Sakurai; Asuka-sempai if she's reading]

Tsurude-sama is allowing me to go home. I am not yet recovered but I am vastly improved. If anyone wishes to visit, I will be keeping to the compound and therefore should not be hard to find.

[/et al.]
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