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Summer year 18: Narrative

[ooc: Nejiko's turn!]

(April/May year 18, gala onward)

After the Akatsuki threw Uchiha at her and fled, Nejiko's orders were to guard Uchiha, who could have visitors as long as Nejiko recognized them. In the event the Uchiha became unstable upon waking, her first order was to subdue then alert another ANBU, who would get the message to Jimaiya and/or Morino. And while the Uchiha had been restless upon waking, she had not appeared more unstable than usual.

She had rotated guard duty with a different sentry so she might get some food and sleep, as well as learn what else was going on. Details were noted and pondered upon, but her duty remained with the Uchiha. Hinaji and Hanabi were Eyes enough to help with finding anyone trapped under the rubble.

The trip home was pleasenty uneventful, even if Uchiha did bitch and moan every time she needed to use the bathroom. Orders were orders, and Morino-san didn't want Uchiha or Sarutobi to be more at risk for an attack than they already were. Nejiko understood the reasoning for having the pair at the back of the caravan. If attacked, the rest of the baggage train should be ignored in favor of both targets being together. Less immediate casualties, less chance of unnecessaries being cut off, and those at the front stood the best at reaching Konoha quicker in order inform the Hokage of what else happened and bringing back more reinforcements.

Having a Sannin around was definitely a plus, but Nejiko hadn't ever actually worked with the woman before. She had heard the woman's reputation and didn't doubt she and the Hokage were a formidable team, but she estimated the Toad Hermitess functioned best as a solo fighter. Something Nejiko could admire and respect but against Akatsuki a team could utilize a variety of strengths against a considerably stronger opponent.

(Before leaving, every ANBU present at the gala learned of how Yuugao, Yuuhi, and the monk Chiriku managed to take out the blond Akatsuki. More incredible was how the monk did it--what kind of jutsu had she used? No one knew, and Morino-san wasn't sharing information.)

Returning to Konoha also meant a return to normalcy. The training with Yuugao continued.

As did the wondering as to Tentsuke's whereabouts as he was now a month overdue the estimated return time from his mission.

( May journal entry #0 )

(June year 18)

Training, training, and more training! By herself or with Yuugao. Also of note is that Leigh's mentioned she's started helping Uchiha with her running. How to stretch correctly before and after, what not to do before and after, and how Leigh's trying to nudge Uchiha to wearing weights. Nejiko doesn't approve but doesn't argue with Leigh over it as it's Leigh's choice to help her.

Still no word of Tentsuke.

(July year 18)

Nejiko's 20th birthday present [Yes, 20th; my math was off before and I'm not changing it now.] from Tsurude was to be told alongside Leigh that Tentsuke was being unofficially placed on the Missing In Action list, but that he would give him another month to either come home or get a message to Konoha before making it official.

However, for pretty much all intents and purposes, it was official in Nejiko's mind. And for someone who's been in service to Konoha for a long time, being labelled MIA essentially they were KIA but a body/evidence couldn't be found. And Nejiko reacted badly.

It started out as a simple loss of appetite. After three days she made herself eat, only to throw it up less than an hour later. Each subsequent meal produced the same results, the only change was the duration of time between consumption and regurgitation. Hating that she couldn't eat without it coming back up, she stopped eating altogether and began taking soldier pills so she could continue her training with Yuugao.

( July journal entry #0 )

Leigh found out, and began trying to get Nejiko to eat something, but the food refused to stay down. Nejiko had to convince a very reluctant Leigh that this wasn't going to be a long term problem, that she would get herself to eat again.

Not that Nejiko's successful in her endeavour, to her growing dismay and frustration. Neither eclipse the pain and shock of losing Tentsuke.

(August year 18)

Tsurude makes his announcements regarding the Akatsuki teams in general and Tentsuke in particular. A few days later, Hiashiko and Nejiko have their talk in which Hiashiko has noticed Nejiko's weightloss and orders her to see a medic. Said medic orders her into the hospital until she gains her weight back.

That's where she is, currently.

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